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Godrej cash-box lockers also called as cashier locker and it is the first locker product manufactured by godrej and it is used in commercial and office purposes and most commonly used by cashier. Cash box L model gives protection for your cash which needs to be kept handy for every day use. Its body built out of single plate using multi bend construction and electrically welded for greater strength and rigidity. Its bottom plate welded to the body from the inside making its dislodgement impossible. 

Rigid steel lid, double bent along its locking edge and mounted on solid concealed pivots, making it virtually tamper-proof. Detachable anchor plate provided at the bottom allows easy fixing and unfixing of the cash box at the place of use i.e. table, counter, shelf of a cupboard, etc. A single turn of the key is sufficient to lock or unlock the lid and anchor plate simultaneously. Its sturdy locking mechanism actuated by 6 lever "godrej" unpickable lock with stainless steel keys in duplicate. It has oven-baked enamel paint for attractive and lasting finish. Snug fitting, removable, 3-compartment tough plastic coin tray provided as standard accessory. Coin tray model is one of the type of godrej safe lockers where partitioned  to keep coins and cheques.L-model is the basic model where cash are kept to ensure security.

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