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Defender Plus All Models

  • A twelve tank anti-corrosion treatment for all steel components, with a coat of rust inhibiting zinc rich primer.
  • High quality nitrocellulose paint for scratch-free and attractive finish.
  • Also available, safes Listed at UL-USA, as per TL30 specifications.
  • Door frame is a one piece bent angle welded construction fabricated from 10mm M S plates
  • Composite protection for Class I of 70mm (Class C Standard) and for Class II of 90mm (Class B Standard) thick slab fortified over entire lock case area (1.75 sq mts)
  • Available in Five classes in increasing degree of security from Class C to Class AAA specifications of BIS.
  • Interiors are customisable.


Defender Plus Safes - a range of Burglary Resistant strong safes. 

The Physical Security Products include a range of Burglar and Fire Resistant Safes, Strong Room Doors and Cabinets that provides utmost protection to your valuables. Now you can secure your important files and documents and be rest assured. Even crucial data and software stored on disks can be safely put away in Data Safes specially designed for the purpose. So when you leave your valuables behind, lock up your worries with them.

  • Fully welded multi-corner bend construction with seamless body.
  • Armoured with a double duty compound of ultra hard aggregates for protection from fire & burglary. For higher classes of BIS specifications a unique TDR barrier used in the form of monolithic slabs.
  • A 83mm thick composite slab protection over entire lock case area of the door.
  • Oxyacetylene torch, drill and hammer resistant protection offered.
  • Strong shooting bolts moving both ways.
  • Thick outer shell for complete protection.
  • Unique balanced pressure bolt work.
  • Also available with a slab thickness up to - 175mm for high Security applications.

Related Information
Banks, Private Safe Deposit Vaults, Financial Institutions, Offices, Factories and Warehouses, Hospitals, Refineries, Allied Industries, Jewellers, Post offices, Shops, Hotels.
Locking system
Fitted with superior quality dual control high precision 8-lever locks. Drill defeat shield to protect vital parts of the lock and dead locking device. Optional 3-wheel numerical lock and Time lock. Unique safety feature: Excessive force on Handle Shears the Lever Control Bolt thus protecting the Vital Locking mechanism & Locks.
Safe with safe deposit locker. Additional drawers. Coin slot option for (Day and Night operation). Holder rods for suspending gold bags. Lockable hinged door to divide storage space . Steel Stand.
Approved and Listed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Tested at ARAI Pune. Certified and Listed at Underwriters' Laboratories for TL 30 Technical Information (For Class 'C' Defender Plus Safes)

Outside Dimensions 

Models 26 31 41 49 61 SD 61 DD 81
Height (mm) 660 790 1040 1245 1550 1550 2045
Width (mm) 530 635 635 785 785 1090 950
Depth (mm) 575 675 675 725 725 725 880

Inside Dimensions 

Models 26 31 41 49 61 SD 61 DD 81
Height (mm) 460 590 840 1045 1350 1350 1845
Width (mm) 330 435 435 585 585 890 750
Depth (mm) 295 395 395 440 440 440 595


Models 26 31 41 49 61 SD 61 DD 81
Weight in kgs. (without packing) 395 601 759 1076 1261 1638 2520
Weight in kgs. (with packing) 408 618 778 1174 1390 1748 2700

* Model 84 also available

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