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Godrej fire proof burglary safe lockers is an extra strong, intelligent, fire resistant which is unbreakable and gas welding and cutting is also not possible. Sensor based lighting system is available, whenever customer opens the door light is switched on automatically. It is made up of gun material for strong security purpose. It is a double walled construction with fire resistance that prevent from extremely strong attack. 

Matrix is one of the product of Godrej fire proof burglary safe lockers of both Electrical (Matrix electronic and Matrix electronic with I-warm) and mechanical type (Matrix mechanical and matrix mechanical with I-warm).We have Intelligent security system,whenever someone attempts to break or shake the lock alert message is sent to the particular mobile phone. 

Superia is a burglary and fire safe system with unbelievable security features and strength. Double wall protection is available with impenetrable security . It also contains strength shooting bolts that keep valuable safe.

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