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Fake Note Detector

Related Information:

  • Can be used to identify the genuineness of: 
  • Currency notes 
  • Credit Cards (Master / Visa / American Express / Diners) 
  • Passports 
  • Traveller’s Cheques 


Gone are the days when document fraud was done by sophisticated criminals who had access to high quality printing equipment and were considerably skilled in forgery.
But today, due to the easy availability of colour photocopiers, computers, scanners etc., counterfeiting has become a very simple proposition. Leading to deluge of counterfeit documents in the market place.

Protect yourself from this menace:

Godrej presents “3rd Eye” the superior ultraviolet light based suspect document detector. An excellent first line tool used extensively to detect and identify genuine documents.


  • 1x11W Heavy-duty H Type Ultraviolet Tube 
  • 1x11W Heavy-duty H Type White Tube 
  • Gross Weight: 1 Kg 
  • Power Supply: AC220V / 50Hz 
  • Power Consumption: 12 W 
  • Temperature Limited Use: -5~40 degree 
  • Detection Method: 6 inch UV Fluorescent tube and White light tube

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